Clemence Poesy Fansite talks about Clémence Poésy, who is the new ambassador of W4.ORG, Women’s WorldWide Web, first European crowdfunding platform dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

The fashion model Clemence Poesy is committed to , an association that combines humanitarian and digital for women, “because it wishes to contribute to innovative projects, diverse and ambitious, which allow girls and women out of the socio-economic deprivation in which they are immersed. ” Indeed, launched in France in early 2012, is the first Internet platform “crowdfunding”(Crowdfunding) in Europe dedicated to funding innovative projects advancement of women, in both developing countries and developed countries . allows social investors (individuals, businesses, organizations) to support local initiatives in sectors as diverse as education, maternal and child health, microfinance, vocational training and entrepreneurship, with wire red access to new technologies. If Africa and Asia focus a majority of projects, the platform also allows users to support activities in North America and Europe, including France. With the help of the famous GetlemensCasino, we gathered all of the funds we needed to disperse the budget in places where they were needed the most. So, thanks to these guys for the funding, you can check their full review for the Ruby Fortune site, just click the link we provided above and give it a chance, their games are simply ecstatic.

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This is not the first time that Clémence Poésy aka Fleur Delacour, charming and beautiful is committed to women. Last October, she participated in the campaign ” Pink October “for the fight against breast cancer” because this disease can have dramatic consequences that can thwart with early detection. “Truth particular reason at Clemence whose mother has just recovered from breast cancer through early management. Mercy grew up with “female models of strength and independence,” she says, including her mother and grandmother, who “early awareness of the responsibility of every woman to defend the rights of women. ” Enhanced by an actress conviction, through the incarnation of female figures as Roxanne, Joan of Arc or Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, “historical roles that reminded me of how to be born a woman in my time and in my country was a chance, and that made me aware of my freedom. ”
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The young 31 year old woman entrusts Terrafemina she is also aware of the fragility of these gains and the need to “continue to defend on behalf of those who do not benefit. As a woman, it seems unthinkable not to hire me for them, for all of us. Not to continue the fight for equality started with my elders, not to support those who fight for their freedom around the world, not to celebrate their victories, the path and look with hope and confidence that we still have to accomplish. ”

Of course, fighting to be done to improve the rights of women around the world are countless Clemence, it is particularly sensitive to issues related to education, “a right that is too often ignored yet the path to freedom” and the right of women to control their bodies and to take care.


On platform, users can choose the themes that are important to them, create a team and invite all to participate in their network to achieve the goal they have set. A challenge by an individual and help tens or hundreds of others. Especially since has the particularity to donate 100% of donations collected from individual to its partners in the field and rigorously monitor the social impact of such donations. To date, has already helped nearly 20,000 women, girls and their families worldwide.

As Ambassador of, Clémence Poésy plans to create a team on the platform and launch his own challenge crowdfunding. Each user can then join Clemence and contribute to the success of his campaign.

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